Doula Services

As a doula, I provide emotional, physical and educational support to you and your partner during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum time. We meet several times during your pregnancy to discuss your preferences and goals, review your care options, and to prepare for labor and your new baby. I am with you through your active labor and delivery helping you maximize your comfort, facilitating communication with your providers, supporting your partner, offering guidance and options that may not be on the typical hospital "menu" of care. I connect you with local resources and peer parents, provide breastfeeding support and help you settle in to life with baby. 

There is no one right way to birth. I believe everyone should feel supported, educated, respected and loved through this incredible process. 

Doulas are for parents planning a hospital birth, parents planning a home birth, single parents, parents planning a VBAC, parents having their fourth baby, parents expecting multiples, parents planning natural childbirth, parents planning an epidural, parents who don't know what they want yet... EVERYONE deserves a doula!


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