Forever fascinated with the amazing human body, my studies include biology, massage therapy, nursing and midwifery. 

I graduated from Bancroft School of massage therapy in 2004 and immediately pursued my certification in prenatal massage. I earned my bachelor's in Biology in 2009 from Assumption College, and taught science in Worcester Public Schools for several years. I entered birthwork in 2012 as a doula while attending the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance intro course of midwifery. While continuing to attend hospital and homebirths, I earned my bachelor's in nursing from MCPHS University in 2014 and spent two years as a maternity RN in Connecticut.

Now I focus my doula and midwifery work in central Massachusetts, and see clients for office appointments and massage therapy at my office in Worcester. I work with my fantastic partner, Marianne Pelletier CNM, to provide excellent care to families in the child-bearing year. After experiencing birth in many settings, I truly appreciate the continuity of holistic care and respect for the mother and family that is integral in homebirth midwifery. 

I am incredibly blessed to be a wife and mother, my husband Mark, and children Lily and Gabriel give me support and inspiration to do this important work with birthing families. When mama isn't working, we love going on adventures in nature, eating yummy food and singing our hearts out. My dear family and friends also provide integral support in my life, it really does "take a village"!